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Wildlife Sanctuary

Vanishing Species Wildlife obtains most of our animals through:


While it is legal to own a variety of large, exotic, and endangered species of animals, rules and regulations must be followed that govern animal ownership and care. When an exotic animal owner does not have the appropriate paperwork or does not take proper care of their animal, authorities will step in and confiscate the animal. These animals are then found a home in a reputable animal facility, such as Vanishing Species Wildlife, Inc.


Many people who purchase an exotic pet do not do their homework. Within days, weeks, or months, the owner decides they no longer want the animal, cannot afford the animal, or the owner moves, becomes sick, unemployed, or dies. As a result they may surrender the animal to a reputable animal facility, such as Vanishing Species Wildlife, Inc.

If you are considering an exotic animal as a pet, please read our Exotic Pet Starting Guide and Checklist.

Other Facilities

Vanishing Species Wildlife coordinates with other facilities throughout the state of Florida as well as the rest of the United States. From time to time, other reputable facilities do not have the resources to care for an animal, due to medical, spacial, labor, time, or monetary constraints. In these situations, Vanishing Species provides a temporary or permanent home to the animal.

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